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Imported European German and Czech Working Lines

German 1995 World Sieger
Ulk Arlett V. Sch3
German 1984, 1985 World Sieger
Uran Wildsteigerland VA. Sch3 FH
German 1998 Universal Sieger
Ory vom Zollernblut V-9 Sch3
German 1986, 1987 World Sieger
Quando Arminius V. Sch3
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A Dynasty of Awesome German Shepherds

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AKC Registered German Shepherds

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Superb German Blood Lines
Sieger Pedigree

Orest vom Farbenspiel
Sch3 V. FH KKL-1A
Zarek vom Rhein
Sch3 V. FH KKL-1
We have a dynasty of awesome German Shepherds. Imported from the finest, superb, German and Czech working lines. Producing amazing German Shepherd puppies that are Large Bone, Black & Red, and Black & Tan and Solid Black with the drive, size and temperament, conformation, and working ability for championship, family protection. These amazing German Shepherds are from a long history of exceptional German Siegers and Schutzhund I, II, III pedigrees.These dogs have working abilities such as Police K-9 Dogs, Schutzhund Dogs, Protection Dogs, Guard Dogs, Narcotic Dogs, Bomb Dogs, Assistance Dogs, Search and Rescue Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Companion Dogs, K-9 Training and Stud Services available. A.K.C. Registered gorgeous pups at affordable prices. Health Guarantee O.F.A. hips, and elbows guaranteed.

Breeding for Schutzhund, family protection, and companionship. Large bone Black & Red and Black & Tan and Solid Black German Shepherds with the drive, size, temperament, conformation, and working ability.

Training and Stud services available. A.K.C. Registered, home raised
gorgeous pups at affordable prices. O.F.A. hips, and elbows guaranteed.

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