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Derrick with Cesar Millan, the "Dog Whisperer"

AmazingK9Training with Cesar Millan
Derrick with the Dog Whisperer
Derick with Cesar Millan

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Chocolate Lab

Derrick and Cesar Millan September 15, 2009

Derrick, Cesar and Lamb September 15,2009

Derrick, Cesar Millan, Lamb and Maury
Rhodesian Ridgeback

January 12, 2010

Derrick and Cesar Millan January 12, 2010

Derrick and Cesar Millan with
Belgian Malinois "Viper"
November 17, 2009

Derrick and Cesar Millan November 17, 2009

Cesar Millan and Lamb with
Rhodesian Ridgeback "Maury"
January 12, 2010

Derrick (All States K-9 Associate, Trainer & Handler) meets famous TV star Cesar Millan on several occasions during "The Dog Whisperer's" visits to Harlen "Lamb" Lambert, principal at the All States K-9 Detection Training Facility.

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